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stu2 30 y.o.
Oh just a horny greedy gal......Got at home but looking for more...
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Location: United Kingdom, London
Member since: 02 March, 2012 (6 years)
Birth date: 14 July, 1987
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Open


Looking for:
  • Woman
  • Couple F+F
Interested in:
  • Friendship and chat
  • One-time sex
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About Me

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I like in sex:
  • Blowjob
  • Deep Fuck
  • Masturbating
  • Sex Toys
  • Licking
I like sex positions:
  • Standart
  • Doggy
  • Sixty-nine "69"
  • Cowgirl
  • Standing
I speak:
  • English
  • Français
Bad habits:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Light Drugs

Physical information

    165 cm
    Not specified
Body Type:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
I have:
    Not specified

Additional information

    Nursing school
    Nurse-Theatre (if your American that means OR) blade, suture, kiss my a** nurse-- yes that’s me!! I prefer my patients unconscious (only joking, ops are stressful to all involved patient, family and staff) Also do recovery from operations. It’s a great
    Music, mostly indie guitar bands but like old stuff too. Like to cook, esp baking.
Favourite movies, music, books:
    Movies: Gregorys girl, whiskey galore, Gladiator Music: Teenage Fanclub, The Smiths, Aztec Camera, Florence and the machine, Coldplay, Billy Bragg, Dixie Chicks. Books: Kim - Rudyard Kipling, any thing by Tom Robbins
    Not specified
About me:
    I am a sensual human being, I accept that and explore ways of expressing those feelings. I am not ashamed to say is a journey and I intend to enjoy the trip. I Have a male partner and sole mate who understands this. So any thing on this site is shared with him........THUS....the name!! I like cats: we have 3, 1 pure white, 1 pure black and 1 multi-coloure....all girls....but they know who is queen in this house....could never like anyone who dislikes cats.

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16 May, 2017
Hello you ;)
02 May, 2015
hi sex oral
01 August, 2014
Well people this is a great site keep it going I might be back some time all the great people I chat with your all great. Life I have moved house and very important I am 3 months pregnant much wanted and planned and yes I have a ring I am glad to wear and we are going to get married when bump well moves into, got willing a healthy child. So hormones are all over the place Perv on stuff now and again but not in that mood so sort of take care folks give me a well probably 14 years, hope not before I feel sexy again but I am fat my cloths don’t fit my tits hurt I was a 32 B I am in bloody D cup now and you don’t want to know the rest.

So just want to say I have had a lot of great time on this site and wish it well..............pant hot at times great material.........folks have been great and really friendly so will look in now and again but not active.

03 July, 2014
I live in a lovely little village out side London now, shock and horror that sticky white stuff that boys want you to swallow or shoot in your pussy makes you pregnant. I did not see any warning sign on his balls as I licked them, healthy and saftey should put stickers on them ( joke it was a planned and much wanted pregnancy). Please don’t get fetish on me no I wont post photos of lactation................but hey I got BB cup boobs life’s ambition maybe C cup by end...............

Hormones are funny I am horny as hell and poor little Clit is getting flicked silly..............boy is funny well sweet he wont ride me hard me on top your pace I want him to bang my brains out.............oh what happens when I am size of a whale? He won’t come near me cunning plan yes you have to help me with Pelvic floor exercise, yes it’s so much better if your hard dick is up me some thing to focus on..................yes I have to suck you hard and ride you doctor says...................sucker fell for it.................I am just hungry but hey PLE are fun.
01 January, 2014
Hey people a very happy 2014................2am in Uk and stone cold sober got to work at 7am eh today............went to a party me sober driver so people enjoyed and I had a car full of wasted people on way home....................bless them lots of hugs and kisses I did not want. May this new year make all your dreams come true( hot and needed to perv before I went to bed to get off quite).................not that BF would notice he is all tucked up safe and warm out his head!!!!!! He is Scots it's a big thing hill hug him and kiss him in the morning and be home to cook dinner. have a nice menue planned and hoping people will be carefual and nice in the world so I can spend shift eating left over Xmas chocolate and drinking coffee..................doubt it but hey ho my New Years wish be carefual and kind.............
05 December, 2013
Eh cuse Uran want make it special, I know you remember Xmas is special in Russia as well just a chat point I was windering Hun and no others yes I am ressing for Xmas full dress and shoes sod his parents...........mummy I am sure picked out dress even though she said any thing you want to code, bitch don't get me that easy.
30 November, 2013
28 November, 2013
Lady's?.........thinking of Xmas is it cheesy to dress up for boy on Xmas mrning going to potential in-laws for Xmas got visions of ribbons and bows?.......New year BF is Scots so thinkinging we have a hotel in Edinburgh that might be better tartan ribbons but no fire works out my ass any ideas?..........
28 November, 2013
It's late and I just came off night shift and BF is deep sleeping my clock is screwed and well I have been but how am I going to sleep........AH surf porn and frig my self silly.........hey it's better than drugs and complete natural!!!
24 November, 2013
Well not been on in a long time, life new job and moved house and well just things but back now to how naughty have you all been?
Ask me city
21 February, 2013
hay how r u?
28 June, 2012
lol your wicked
18 June, 2012
let me know if you feel like a good chat to clear things up ;-)
18 June, 2012
Oh I am being real cranky today…….hit a few sites>>>>Really want a long term hook up with a girl again…Grrr…..some bad sites…..nothing but spammers and……invites to web cam!!!!......shit sure I was not even talking to girls 70% of time!!! Grr got my period due……feeling real touchy today………Yes guys PMT!!!......any girls get PMH???........Post Menstrual Horniness?? I love when that time is over….I do get real sexy just after……I know it’s not hormones or any thing…..wrong time of cycle to be really horny……just happy to be all clean and be able to do any thing I want again……Before any one asks……yes I will during if my boy wants (but by nature and circumstance means a straight forward fuck nothing much more and can be so messy and guess who needs to change the bed!!!!)…..Oh pay no attention to me today I am very cranky…….Hate Many other sites today!!!…….Oh won’t name them…….but just try hooking up with someone on dating sites…….Oh must be so much more worst for Guys…….all story’s or especially funny or good time tales welcome…….from dating sites………I do like this site it is free of spam and harassment so like it and want to spend time here..
16 June, 2012
Oh this is fun……..showing Jan my GF round this site……BF away for weekend so just girl fun…….she likes it…….there are some very hot girl vids and pics here…….Mmmmm some things for later………do like the fresh teen all American girl looks…….but European girls just have that some thing extra for sure!!!
16 June, 2012
Ok here is how it is……I am happily surfing this site….picking out videos and pics that excite……me I like this site>>>>>I do like to chat and connect with people……a come on line is not your Skype address or a offer to Goggle together….I am not being a bitch…….if you want to connect hey here is an idea how about talking to me????!!!! Chat get to know me………I never say no to some good pleasure but come on people……I will NOT web cam or Skype just getting asked!!!…….Oh what people? Chat any time about any thing all good with me…
10 June, 2012
Why can't I add you as a friend?
22 May, 2012
where are you?
03 May, 2012
Been off line for a bit so sorry if I did not answer some messages promptly….busy, busy at work and also had BF’s mother visiting for a week so was on best behavioure for a while……………back to my normal self now.
26 April, 2012
House day…..just me and the cats…horrible raining day outside….still blobbing around in pyjamas…go on to day shift tomorrow (Friday) 3 days then 2 days off….Oh well there goes another weekend!!! Spent the morning in bed…..lusted after BF’s body as he was getting ready to go out this morning….had a little play with my toys when he was gone….going to try and get a romantic buzz going tonight…..will go to shops in a bit and get makings of a nice dinner and some wine>>>>start cooking>>shower, do my hair (pin it up like BF likes it) put on some nice cloths…..send BF sexy text at work and tell him to try and get home at reasonable hour….THEN???? We will see……………………
Ask me city
18 June, 2018
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