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HotnHornynVegas 51 y.o.
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Location: United States, Las Vegas
Member since: 12 April, 2012 (6 years)
Birth date: 29 March, 1967
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Open


Looking for:
  • Woman
  • Couple
  • Couple F+F
Interested in:
  • Friendship and chat
  • Relationship
  • Regular sex partner
  • One-time sex
  • Group Sex
  • Swinger Party
  • Bondage

About Me

Favourite category:
I like in sex:
  • Ass Fuck
  • Blowjob
  • Deep Fuck
  • Bondage
  • Masturbating
  • Sex Toys
  • Licking
I like sex positions:
  • Standart
  • Doggy
  • Sixty-nine "69"
  • Cowgirl
  • Standing
I speak:
  • English
Bad habits:
    Not specified

Physical information

    66 inches
    210 lbs
Body Type:
Eye color:
    Ask me
Hair color:
    Ask me
Hair length:
I have:
    Not specified

Additional information

    Some College
    McDonalds for now
    I like eating yummy food, reading, gambling, watching good movies with some popcorn or a nice romantic evening with some candle light dinner and sensuous love making, I'd like to fuck from evening till dawn if I could. I enjoy self help books and absolutely am bonkers for the stock market. Trading options for nice quick returns!!!! :-). I like bicycle riding, camping, hiking, swimming, just about anything thats fun.
Favourite movies, music, books:
    I like watching movies that are exciting, I also like serious movies, comedys and documentaries. My favorite books are Stock Market and Self Help and I like Spiritual and Supernatural Stories. My favorite music is 50s through 80s rock and some newer music that is main stream.
    Not specified
About me:
    I am a totally new man, I am happy, have no worries and am ready to take on the world and see what it has to offer!!!!! I am kicking ass at the stock market and getting my libido up getting in shape and getting ready to live it up!!!!! I am looking forward to being very sexually active and having a good time with whoever wants to have a good fuck and have fun!!!! As long as you are clean and up for whatever I am very open minded and most importantly very, very, horny!!!!!!! :-)

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Las Vegas
22 September, 2014
I am a new man all together!!!! I am single, confident, ambitious, and looking forward to the singe life. I am not looking for a relationship but want to have a really good time. I lost 30 pounds and went from 215 lbs to 185 in about 5 months. My spiritual beliefs have changed too. I am no longer Christian and I believe in reincarnation and the spirit world. I am guilt free and wanting to live and have experiences. I am really anxious to be in a threesome. One woman and me and another man. I am interested in getting together with a clean couple and ball our brains out. I am interested in getting together one on one too of course. I love ladies of all shapes and sizes and different looks. A positive attitude or someone striving for a positive attitude is important to me for a potential encounter. I am very open minded and would like to show a good time to a young girl who would like me to initiate or an older woman as well as a woman around my own age. I am losing weight and getting in shape and my libido is getting stronger and my dick is getting bigger as I am trimming down and I am getting more attention from the ladies. I like to make a female feel special and even though I am not looking for a serious relationship, I would love to take you out and show you a good time and then either take you home or go to your place and show you an even better time!!!!! :-).
Las Vegas
06 May, 2013
A tender loving heart isn't mandatory. I like hot lust too!!!!!!!!
Las Vegas
06 May, 2013
Oops, I meant the one that talked about the one sounding like I was only wanting to make love, because the truth of the matter is I like to fuck too!!!!! I want to make love to your pussy and and make love to your mouth and fuck you oh so good as well!!!!!
Las Vegas
06 May, 2013
I've gone through a lot of changes for the better since my last 2 blogs!!!!! Please disregard the first one, it makes me sound like a lovesick puppy. I am anything but that. I am absolutely hott and horny and want to ball a brunette BBW like it's nobodys bussiness!!!! I am not limited to that but that makes me hotter than anything else in the whole world!!!!!! I wanna fuck period. I am super horny and would love nothing more than to ball all day long, any woman of any age, shape, or size as long as I am attracted to her and she is Drama Free and STD free like myself!!!!!
Las Vegas
08 March, 2013
I Love big breasted women young and older that have tender loving hearts!!! I love a wise woman more than anything in the whole world any age. Wise beyond her years makes my heart yearn for her. I want to make love, whether it's a threesome, a twosome, or a one night stand!!!
Las Vegas
05 June, 2012
I am a young happy 45 year old man wanting to ball a young hot chubby girl near vegas. Where are you? I need to make love to your pussy and nibble on your breasts!!!!! I can look into your eyes while I make love to your mouth, if you contact me!!!!!!! I promise I'm super sexy!!!!!!!! I want to make love, just for fun, but if your nice it could lead to more?
Ask me city
18 June, 2018
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