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HornyOnion 43 y.o.
I am a naughty Horny Nympho Bimbo Onion!!!
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27 February, 2023
I mainly use forums like this for sexting people with no judgements. I am also in platforms like that to express myself and the kinks I am into. I am very much a "Nympho" as people call it. I love sex and have a huge sex drive. Fetishes: Spit massage, eating cooked onion on tits, cream/ honey food fetish, BBC, eating Cum and making Ahegao faces while fucking. Don't hesitate to chat with me!!! I am open-minded.

Interests: Spit massage Getting cooked onion eaten on tits, Cream/ honey food fetish BBC Eating Cum Making Ahegao faces while fucking.

Why are you so obsessed with onions? IDK. I feel that onions are sexy. And so am I! With regards to Onion food fetish, I don't want RAW ONIONS on my tits...... but cooked ones. I very much like cooked onions texture on my tits. It makes me feel horny and sexy. What I usually do for my sex partner is that i will cook the onion, chew them and spit them on my tits to make them wet and juicy. I call this foreplay "ONION BUKKAKE". My partner would them eat them and suck my tits as much as he wants. Some preferred to eat them from my pussy as well. While my tits are getting sucked and eaten, I like making ahegao faces and saying How much of a HORNY NYMPHO ONION SLUT i am!!! Also, just repeating saying the word "onion" in a naughty way during sex makes my pussy wet and make me super horny

What about the ahegao faces??? Those are the silly faces I naturally make during sex xD, with eyes rolling and tongue sticking out. Sometimes I can't control it. Mostly happens when my tits/ pussy is getting sucked. Cream/ Honey food fetish??? As you may have noticed, I very much love having sex with my body all wet, especially my pussy and my tits!!!! Since I love eating both, i occasionally love covering my breast with cream and/ or honey for my man to suck and eat. I love food fetish because I love when people eats off my body, especially my tits. Its makes me feel horny, sexy and loved.

What about this spit massage? I have spit fetish as well. I love getting my body massaged with spit especially before sex. As i mentioned, I love when my body and boobs are wet dripping. Also, i usually let my partner choose which lingerie and stocking to wear and while i am cooking the onion, he will be making the clothes wet dripping with his spit and i will be wearing them during foreplay before sex. The wet spit dripping pants, bra and stockings tends to make my body and pussy wet. It very much excites me to wear those wet clothes with his spit on it! The massive saliva in the inside of the bras, pants and stockings would make them sticky wet and tight with my body. Words alone cannot explain how I feel when spits is dripping on my breast, pussy and legs.

NOTE: You do not have my permission to use/ post my photos and videos on other website.


What would make my day?
A Video Cum tribute of me..... where i hear you yell my name "ONION ONION ONION" while you ejaculate and tell me how much you love my sexy horny Onions!!!

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Friends to see my personal pics/ vids and cum tributes. If no cum tribute or never talked/chat to me before... forget it not accepting friend request.

Please be respectful when initializing conversation with me.
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17 April, 2024
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